Hey, I'm Ac3! Here's where I show off the stuff that I make if you feel like poking around and/or looking at my art!

[ A Few Important Things ]

  • Comms OPEN!

  • Please read my TOS before ordering!

  • I have two different lining styles; Pencil, which is more rough and free, and Pen, which is sharper and stark. Please specify the type you want!

  • Commissions will automatically come with a transparent bg; Please let me know in the commission form if you would prefer something else (No charge for simple shapes or solid colors)!

  • Additional Characters on the same canvas will add +80% of the base price to a commission.

  • Characters on different canvasses will be counted as separate commissions and be each priced at 100% of the base price.


  • Name: (Your name or nickname)

  • Commission Type: (What are you ordering)

  • Lining Style: (If applicable, Pencil or Pen)

  • Payment Method: (PayPal, Venmo, Art, etc)

  • Extras: (BG? Shading? Extra characters? Props?)

  • References: (Images/links preferred!)

  • Best Place to Contact You: (Just in case!)

Commission Types


Somewhat rough Pencil sketches with minimal attention to detail.

  • Bust: $5

  • Waist Up: $10

  • 3/4ths Body: $15

  • Fullbody: $20

  • Color: +$5

  • Sketchpage (At least 3 headshots + 1 Halfbody): $25

  • Colored Sketchpage: $35


Mostly Symmetrical Headshots or Vibrantly Colored Icons. Can be lined with Pen or Pencil.

  • Symmetrical Icons: $15

  • Vibrant Icons: $15

  • Colored Lines: +$3

  • Shading +$5


Somewhat neater Pencil sketches with shading and highlights. Done in one color.

  • Bust: $8

  • Waist Up: $15

  • 3/4ths Body: $20

  • Fullbody: $30


Lineart of a character, usually with a pop of color somewhere. Can be done in either Pencil or Pen.

  • Bust: $10

  • Waist Up: $20

  • 3/4ths Body: $25

  • Fullbody: $35


Clean, fully lined and colored images. May include minimal shading. Can be lined with Pencil or Pen.

  • Bust: $15

  • Waist Up: $25

  • 3/4ths Body: $35

  • Fullbody: $50

  • Shading +$10

  • Colored Lines: +$10

  • Custom Design: $65+ (depending on complexity)

  • Complex backgrounds may be discussed on a case-by-case basis.


Fully Lined, Colored, and Shaded Headshot stickers for displaying emotions. Can be lined with Pencil or Pen.

  • $10 for a set of 3 stickers

  • $3 each for subsequent stickers

  • Colored Lines: +$3

Hey! I'm Ac3!

I'm a creator, quizbowler, certified nerd, and mess extraordinare. Here are some other fun things about me!

  • They/Any Pronouns

  • Very Tall Artist, Writer, Trivia Master, and Part-Time Gamer

  • 3 running stories in progress! Ask me about them!

  • Shiny Rock Collector (of both Gemstones and D&D Dice)

  • Purveyor of Homestuck OCs and Collector of Sparkly CS designs

  • Gold Fanatic and Teal Enthusiast (other colors are ok too)

  • Chronically Dehydrated Night Owl

  • Ac3Kat17#7143 (Discord! Talk to me here)